The Artist Jakob Veigar talks about his journee to become one of the most interesting painters, visual artists of our time. Regula Staempfli and Jakob cover loads of grounds from addiction to nature and back towards art and how it came that Jakob is in a very productive stretch on the theme of the fragility of manhood.

Excerpts from Ode to Joy by Shanay Artemis Hubmann:

Jakob Veigar Sigurdsson’s work has been portraits of landscapes: Monumental, moving, full of twilight and power. Heavy, most of all, with the rough and fragile soul of his country, Iceland. During a particularly dark stretch of 2020 – the first year of the pandemic – few of new figurative portraits have emerged: sketches absently drawn during online AA meetings. COVID, Lockdowns, Loneliness and a darkhaired love far away, with no end in sight. Lightness, Vulnerability in a world dominated by perfection and instagram filters, the happiness on those faces is genuine in the paintings because they are imperfect, just like drooping bellies, saggy boobs and crooked smiles. The dick pics are hilarious – finally free from the pornographic light they are usually cast in. The White Male is shown free from all the demons that usually seem to haunt him: in no way superior, neither in gender nor in race. (…)“