Danielle Pamp: Memory fragments and interactions. An intimite exploration between the artist & laStaempfli.

Danielle Pamp ist an outstanding artist and a wonderful guest for ARTISAPIECEOFCAKE. Here she talks to laStaempfli about her visions in art and how she became an artist authentique. Her work is largely autobiographical, making use of material like memories and personal experiences. This essentially makes all of Pamps work a form of self-portraiture, using different media (painting, graphic works, videos, photography, installation, and performance) to produce something essentially contradictory: I am a realist in its most classical sense, but I want to express a sense of personal catastrophe while at the same time aiming at a more general humanizing perspective. My works take different perspectives on my everyday experiences — my most private, intimate feelings, and my interactions with others, displayed in the most public space of the gallery.

Using material from personal experiences (bright memory-fragments, and memories of conversations and interactions) Danielle Pamp creates various narratives about gender identity, religious upbringings, the nuclear family, and what they mean for human existence in general. Pamps narrative about family elaborates on this issue thematically and practically. Thematically, she explores her own identity and trans-feminine role, and making parallels between the life-experiences of multiple generations of women in my family, emphasizing our continuity. Practically, she integrates this ongoing painting project into performances reflecting on the present state of things and memory fragments: „as I embody different personae — different ’sides’ of myself — disclosing some vital truths about my own femininity by singing songs from different eras with personal meanings or contextual baggage, such as dressing like or in the actual clothes belonging to my mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother.“

website: https://daniellepamp.weebly.com/exhibitions.html and about: https://daniellepamp.weebly.com/about.html