Louise Deininger as photographed by laStaempfli through the lens, January 11th 2023.

As an African conceptual artist, author, and life coach, Louise Deiningers artwork focuses on consciousness, spiritual science, human, self and personal development, self-leadership, critical thinking, and identity: including other multidisciplinary subjects. Regula Staempfli has met the inspirational force, the great artist and friend Louise Deininger for a talk on Sunday, 8th of January. Regula Staempfli and Louise Deininger talk about what makes artist tick and how we all – as human beings can work together.

Louise Deininger is in the Board of Directors-K4DP-Knowledge For Development Partners in charge of Art and Youth Affairs, Co- President VBKOE Association of Austrian Female Artists, Artistic director Knowledge City, Vienna, Austria.

Louise Deininger in her Studio in Flomyca, Florinsdorf Vienna, photographed by laStaempfli through the lens, January 11th 2023.

Louise Deininger is also Founder & President of Gyco Academy, the Global Youth Conference GYCO, Vienna/Gulu, Northern Uganda. Vienna-based conceptual artist Louise created the idea for Global Youth Conference Academy  after filming DNA of War. Since then, she has worked tirelessly – together with local development experts and affected youth in Gulu, Northern Uganda, and a dedicated team of professionals in Vienna, Austria – to realise her vision: transforming the mindset of young people and breaking the vicious cycle of economic dependency and cultural decline through self development; building an empowered youth for a more sustainable, positive and peaceful society. You can support Gyco: Bank: BAWAG P.S.K.
Account: Verein GYCO
IBAN: AT70 1400 0014 10847899

Louise Deininger has one of the best Instagram see https://www.instagram.com/louisedeininger/?hl=de

Footprints by Louise Deininger.